What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy removes the small section of the restrictive frenum causing the Tongue or Lip Tie. A laser is used to make this procedure quick and painless. 

Breast feeding problems can be associated through an infant’s Tongue or Lip Tie which prevents the baby’s lips, mouth or tongue to properly latch on the mother’s breast. This can lead to endless problems including breast pain and damage, the inability to stimulate milk production resulting in low milk supply and slow weight gain for the infant. Tongue tie results in improper tongue mobility that may also cause the baby colic, reflux and future speech difficulties. Sleep deprivation for the mother and infant can also be a result of Tongue or Lip Tie due to frequent feedings. In older children the results of Tongue Tie or Lip Tie can lead to other health problems like dental decay, tooth spacing, speech difficulties and/or digestive issues. 

The CO2 laser does NOT cut, it is more a “vaporization” of tissue that occurs with light energy. There are many benefits of using the CO2 laser for frenectomies. There is very little discomfort with the laser. There is almost no bleeding from the laser procedure as the laser seals blood vessels at the same time. Lasers sterilize at touch therefore have less risk of infection and faster healing. There is no recovery time, immediate successful feeding is not unusual. 

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