Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays are a significant step up from traditional x-rays.

  What Are the Advantages of Digital X-Rays?

    The safety benefits of digital radiography are twofold: 

First, fewer retakes mean fewer exposures, resulting in a decrease in radiation exposure to patients and staff. 

Second, Our state-of-the-art digital sensors are more responsive than film so less radiation (up to 80%) is required to produce a digital

image. Both staff members and patients benefit from lessened exposure to radiation which gives peace of mind.

    The procedure for having a digital dental x-ray is much faster. The digital sensor sends the information directly to a computer so that the images taken can be instantly viewed on a screen in the treatment room. 
    Once the digital image is on-screen, we can adjust it if necessary, enlarging or magnifying any areas which require close inspection. This makes it much more straightforward to identify any small cavities or other areas of concern. With digital radiography, we can diagnose any problem more efficiently and quickly without the need to wait until an x-ray film is developed. 
    It is very straightforward for us to show you your images on one of the 46 inch overhead monitors in the patient rooms. If a second opinion is required, these digital images can be emailed to a dental specialist, a process which is much faster and more efficient than having to mail conventional x-ray films. 
    Another nice thing about digital x-rays is that they are more environmentally friendly. We live in such a beautiful part of the world so it’s nice to think that we can keep it that way without having to use carcinogenic chemicals to develop film. 

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