How to Prepare for Infant Laser Frencetomy Appt

Fill out New Patient form and Symptoms Checklist form and bring these with you.

Consider what you may give as pain control and bring it with you. Do not feed baby before your appointment as we will want you to breastfeed right after the procedure.

Pain Medications

Tylenol - Dosage: 

Using the dropper in the manufacturer's packaging. This can be given every 6-8 hours after the procedure. The concentration of Tylenol should be the 160mg/5mL dosage. Some places may sell a concentrated form at 80mg/0.8mL -this is not the one I want you to use.

  • 6-11 pounds - 1.25mL
  • 12-17 pounds - 2.5mL
  • 18-23 pounds - 3.75mL
  • 24-35 pounds - 5mL
  • For children 6 months of age or older, you may use ibuprofen instead (or with Tylenol). Please follow the dosing instructions on the package. You may use whatever works for your family. This includes homeopathic remedies like coconut oil can be used on the healing site after the procedure.

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